The Sacrifices of an Athlete's Parents: The Story of Isaiah Wong's Family

Isaiah wong with others
Full NameIsaiah Wong
Date of BirthJanuary 21, 2001 (age 21)
Place of BirthJersey City, New Jersey, U.S.
Jersey Number2
Current TeamMiami Hurricanes (NCAA)
Years with Team2019-present (3 seasons)
High SchoolSt. Peter’s Prep (Jersey City, NJ)
Stats as a Sophomore (2020-21)12.7 PPG, 3.5 RPG, 38.2% 3PT
Stats as a Junior (2021-22)15.3 PPG, 4.0 RPG, 38.7% 3PT
AccoladesAll-ACC Honorable Mention (2021, 2022)
NBA DraftUndrafted in 2022 NBA Draft
StrengthsShooting, ball-handling, athleticism
ParentsEric and Nicole Wong
SiblingsHas younger siblings
Represented byAgent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports
Isaiah Wong has become one of the biggest stars in college basketball at Miami. But the talented sophomore guard’s journey to stardom was made possible by the tremendous sacrifices of his parents, Eric and Nicole Wong.

From a young age, Eric and Nicole recognized their son Isaiah’s passion and natural abilities on the basketball court. While many parents may have discouraged such a singular focus, they embraced Isaiah’s dream. They shuttled him to countless AAU tournaments and summer camps up and down the East Coast.
Balancing family life and Isaiah’s basketball aspirations required military-level coordination. Eric and Nicole had to take time off work, miss other children’s events, and endure long hours in the car to give Isaiah every opportunity. Their support never wavered, even when Isaiah had to sit on junior varsity as a sophomore in high school.
isaiah wong parents standing
When Isaiah chose to take his talents to the University of Miami, Eric and Nicole were all in. They became regular fixtures at Hurricanes games, home and away, cheering Isaiah on from the stands. Even a pandemic didn’t stop them from finding safe ways to watch their son play, whether in person or through a screen.
The fruits of Eric and Nicole’s sacrifices are now being reaped. Isaiah has emerged as a star for Miami, averaging career highs in points and assists. While he is living his basketball dream, Isaiah’s parents’ support is what made that dream a reality. Their relentless dedication in the face of countless challenges is an inspiration for all athlete’s parents.
Through their unwavering love and support, Eric and Nicole Wong played just as important a role in Isaiah’s success as any coach. Their story shows the tremendous sacrifices that families make behind the scenes to help their children achieve greatness in sports. Isaiah’s stardom is a testament to the impact of selfless parents who will move mountains for their kids’ dreams.
While Eric and Nicole have enjoyed seeing their son thrive at Miami, their journey as parents has not been without difficulties. Balancing family life while supporting Isaiah’s career has come with its own challenges.

Eric works long hours to support the family financially, but has had to take time off or step away from projects to attend Isaiah’s games. Nicole shoulders much of the responsibility caring for Isaiah’s younger siblings, who have also missed out on time with their parents at occasions due to basketball.
Juggling work, other children’s activities and Isaiah’s schedule has required military-level coordination. Eric and Nicole sacrifice their own downtime, and endure exhaustion, to ensure Isaiah has their backing. It hasn’t been easy, but their devotion to their son’s dream has never wavered.
Isaiah wong with his family
Isaiah is also acutely aware of his parents’ sacrifices over the years. While he enjoys the fruits of his success on the court, he is focused on completing his education so he can take care of his family long-term. He plays with the goal of one day repaying Eric and Nicole for all they’ve given up.
Through the challenges, Eric and Nicole’s support for Isaiah has never faltered. Their display of unconditional love has shaped Isaiah into the humble, grateful young man he is today. While he shines for the Hurricanes, Isaiah knows his parents were the foundation for all he’s achieved. Their story shows the tremendous, often unseen efforts of families that help mold champions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isaiah Wong’s parents are Eric and Nicole Wong.

Eric and Nicole Wong are from New Jersey. They have lived in various cities in New Jersey throughout Isaiah’s childhood as they supported his basketball career.

Eric Wong works long hours in construction to financially support the family. Nicole Wong shoulders much of the responsibility of caring for Isaiah’s younger siblings at home while also attending his games.

Isaiah Wong has several younger siblings that his parents Eric and Nicole also care for. Juggling all of their schedules to support Isaiah’s basketball dream has been challenging.

Some key sacrifices include taking time off work, missing other children’s events, enduring long hours driving to games, and shouldering much of the household responsibilities. It has not been easy but their devotion to Isaiah’s dream has never wavered.




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