How to make money as a kid

how to make money as a kid

Making Money as a Kid in 2024

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, the ways kids can earn money today are vastly different than even just a few years ago. Gone are the days of limited options like babysitting, lawn mowing or newspaper routes. In 2024, savvy kids have access to countless new opportunities to turn their talents, skills and interests into cash thanks to the internet and growing gig economy. Whether you want to start a YouTube channel, sell crafts online, tutor other kids or offer local services, this guide will explore the top money-making ideas for kids in the modern age.

Starting a Blog or YouTube Channel

One of the best ways for kids to earn money these days is by starting their own blog or YouTube channel. With billions of people online every day searching for content, there is a huge audience waiting to discover your passions and talents. The key is finding your niche—what are you interested in, knowledgeable about, or have a knack for capturing on video? Popular niches for kid bloggers and YouTubers include:

Gaming: Review the latest video games, stream yourself playing games, or create gaming challenge or competition videos.

Arts/Crafts: Show your skills by filming tutorials for DIY projects, slime making, origami, etc.

Science/STEM: Conduct experiments and share the results on camera.

Cooking/Baking: Create recipes tailored for kids and their skill levels.

Vlogs: Give followers a look into your daily life through video blogs.

How-To’s: Film step-by-step guides for activities like skateboarding tricks or coding projects.

Once you’ve picked a niche, it’s time to start creating content on a consistent schedule, such as one new video or blog post per week. Promote your channel through social media to gain followers. As your audience grows, you can apply to monetize your channel or blog through ads or brand sponsorships on YouTube and other platforms like Instagram. With dedication, top kid influencers earn thousands each month!

Selling Crafts and Artwork Online

If you have a creative side and enjoy arts and crafts, consider turning your talents into profit. Popular handmade items kids can sell include jewelry, paintings, drawings, baked goods, slime, keychains, and more. Websites like Etsy and Facebook Marketplace provide the perfect online marketplaces to display and sell your creations to a worldwide audience.

When setting up your shop, be sure to take flattering photos of each listing that show off the details. Provide thorough descriptions, highlighting the materials used and their size and dimensions. Keeping inventory stocked with a variety of items in different price ranges will attract more customers. For added income, you can also sell craft kits with supplies and instructions bundled together. With some marketing through social media posts, your shop is sure to bring in steady sales.

Offering Local Services

While online opportunities abound, don’t forget about money-making potential right in your own neighborhood. Many local families need help with common tasks and are happy to pay kids to lend a hand. Popular service-based jobs include:

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking: Take care of pets when owners travel or are at work. Build up multiple clients by walking dogs together for an efficient route.

Snowshoveling: Clear driveways and walkways of snow during winter storms. Offer your services to elderly neighbors who may have difficulty with physical labor.

Yard Work: Mow lawns, weed gardens, rake leaves, and perform other seasonal yard chores.

Car Washing: Set up a stand to wash cars, bikes, or other vehicles during the warmer months. Bring your own supplies.

Odd Jobs: Offer to help with tasks like moving furniture, garage cleaning, painting fences, or other projects on a job-by-job basis.

Promote your services through flyers left at neighbors’ doors or posts in local Facebook groups and Nextdoor. Be reliable, and your reputation will lead to repeat and referral business.

Tutoring Other Students

If you excel in certain school subjects, tutoring is a great way to earn money from your knowledge. Whether in-person at a local library, community center or through video chat platforms, helping other kids learn can pay off. Subjects in high demand include math, science, languages and test prep courses.
Set up an online profile on websites like Wyzant or to connect with students seeking extra help. You can also advertise your services through physical flyers at schools, community boards and after-school programs. Pricing depends on your experience level and subject matter, but averaging $15-30 per hour is reasonable. Building a client base takes time, but tutoring is a flexible way to earn while doing something helpful for others.

Starting a Car Washing and Cleaning Business

During the spring and summer months, many families need a helping hand keeping their vehicles clean. As a kid, you can start your own mobile car washing business right in your neighborhood. All you need is a bucket, soap, towels, and, optionally, a hose or pressure washer, depending on your setup.
Promote your services with flyers left on car windshields after an initial washing as a sample of your work. Offer basic washes for a low price point like $10–15, as well as add-on services such as interior vacuuming, tire shining, or engine degreasing. Process payments through Venmo, PayPal, or cash to make transactions easy. You may even attract local businesses that need fleet vehicles cleaned. With some marketing, your car wash business can make a splash!

Selling Craft Kits and DIY Projects

If you enjoy crafting and creating, consider putting together bundles of supplies that you can sell as activity or craft kits. Popular themes could include slime making, friendship bracelet kits, origami packs, cookie/baking mixes or science experiment boxes. The options are endless depending on your interests and skills.
Package each kit attractively with all materials needed for the project along with step-by-step instructions. Price them affordably at $5-15 each depending on contents. Sell your kits online through your blog, YouTube channel, Etsy shop or consign them at local stores. You can also see if any schools, camps or community centers would be interested in bulk orders for events. With creativity and business sense, craft kits are a fun way to profit from your passions.

Taking Online Surveys

While not the highest paying, completing online surveys is one of the easiest ways for kids to start earning extra cash. All it requires is internet access and spare time. Popular survey sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and InboxDollars allow members to take paid surveys on their mobile devices or computers to accumulate points redeemable for gift cards from top retailers.
Survey topics cover a wide range including product testing, political opinions, television viewing habits and more. Payout amounts vary depending on length and difficulty but average $1-5 per survey. It’s a simple way to earn while learning about new brands and trends. Just be sure not to provide false information which could get your account suspended. With consistency, online surveys add up to nice rewards over time with minimal effort involved.


As technology and business models evolve, the opportunities for kids to earn their own money are constantly growing more innovative. Whether starting an online business, offering services locally, or leveraging creative talents, the options covered here are just a sampling of ways enterprising youth can profit in 2024. With a little hustle and the right strategy, it’s never been easier for kids to gain valuable job and money management experience. I hope this guide has provided some inspiration. Now get out there and start making your own way!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some ideas for what a 12-year old can do to earn money include babysitting younger children, doing household chores/yardwork for neighbors, starting a dog walking/pet sitting business, starting a car washing business, doing errands for elderly neighbors, starting a home baking/cooking business, starting a lawn mowing/snow shoveling business.

As a 12-year old, some ways you can potentially make 100 include: mowing 10-15 lawns (10-15 each), babysitting for 10 hours at 10/hour, baking and selling 50 cookies/cupcakes at 1 each, having a yard sale and selling old toys/clothes, walking 10 dogs weekly for 10 weeks at 10/walk, shoveling 20 driveways during winter at 5 each, starting a car washing business and charging $5-10 per car to wash 10 cars.

For a 9-year old to make 100, they could try the following: walking dogs after school and on weekends for 3-4 weeks earning 10 each time, babysitting younger kids for 10 hours earning 10/hour, starting a gardening business and doing yard work for 5-10 neighbors charging 10-15 each time, having a neighborhood lemonade/snack stand and selling items for $1 each to 100 people, collecting bottles and cans over a month and taking them to a recycling center.

Some potential online jobs kids can do to earn money include: creating and selling digital designs/products on sites like Etsy, teaching online tutoring lessons in subjects you excel at via platforms like Wyzant, conducting online surveys through sites like Survey Junkie, creating videos to post on YouTube that can earn AdSense revenue, recording audio books/stories to sell through sites like ACX.

Other options for kids to earn money beyond household chores include: starting their own business like pressure washing decks/driveways, painting address numbers on curbs, pet sitting, garden work, teaching music/art lessons; performing odd jobs for neighbors like handyman work, assembly, organization projects; entering writing contests, art contests that offer cash prizes; recycling returnables like bottles/cans; mowing lawns, snow/leaf removal services in your neighborhood.




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