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Written and updated on December 162023, by Kidzoot Team

Bangchan, whose real name is Chan, is the leader and main rapper of the popular K-pop boy band Stray Kids. As one of the most prominent third generation K-pop idols, Bangchan’s personal life is always of interest to his many fans worldwide. However, unlike some other celebrities, Bangchan has been very private about his romantic relationships and family life. This has led to much speculation among Stay (the official fandom name for Stray Kids fans) about whether or not Bangchan has any children. Let’s take a deeper look at the facts and rumors.

To start, Bangchan is only 26 years old as of 2023. Most idols do not publicly reveal relationships until later in their careers for fear of negatively impacting their popularity among fans. Additionally, marriage and children are still quite rare for idols in their early-to-mid 20s. The intense K-pop idol training and career schedule also makes having a family very difficult. For these reasons, it would be very surprising if Bangchan had any children at his current young age.

A quick search on the internet does not turn up any credible reports of Bangchan fathering or having children. Major K-pop news outlets that closely follow idol relationships and families have never mentioned Bangchan in this context. If he did have children, it seems very likely the story would have been reported by now, even if he wanted to keep it private initially. Additionally, Stray Kids promotions and Bangchan’s own very active social media presence gives no hints or clues of any children in his life.

Of course, the possibility cannot be fully ruled out. Some dedicated anti-fans have tried spreading rumors that Bangchan secretly has a child from a past relationship. However, these claims always lack any solid evidence and sources. They seem intended more to damage his reputation than report facts. As the group’s leader and a very public figure, it’s hard to believe he could successfully keep fatherhood completely hidden for long. Most fans dismiss these rumors as baseless speculation and fanfiction rather than reality.

Some Stay have brought up the fact that Bangchan is quite affectionate with the younger Stray Kids members, jokingly calling them “my kids.” This is likely just Bangchan playing the role of a caring leader and older brother figure to the other members, rather than any indication he sees them as his actual children. Idol groups often develop very close familial bonds, so his behavior seems perfectly normal in that context. It’s a stretch to use these kinds of interactions as proof that he secretly fathers offspring.

In the past, Bangchan has stated in interviews that he is very focused on his career and group activities with Stray Kids for the time being. While he hopes to find love and get married one day, children do not seem to be a priority in his current life stage. As the driving creative force behind Stray Kids’ success, it’s understandable that Bangchan would want to pour his energy into the group at this point in their trajectory. Having a family would undoubtedly complicate his schedule and responsibilities.
In conclusion, while an idol’s private life can never be 100% known, there is no solid evidence or credible reports that Bangchan currently has any children. His young age, busy career, lack of public relationships, and the group’s close bond provide reasonable explanations without needing to speculate he secretly fathers kids. Unless clear proof emerges, most fans will continue believing Bangchan remains childless as he focuses on Stray Kids’ success. However, if he does choose to start a family someday, Stay will surely offer their full support for whatever path brings him happiness.

Most fans are very rational and mature. They won’t overly focus on unfounded gossip news, but instead focus more on enjoying the music and performances of Bangchan and Stray Kids. In offline activities, fans express their support and love for their idols by displaying personalized items such as custom pins. Making custom pins cheap but nice for fans. This healthy and positive fan culture undoubtedly provides strong support for the development of Bangchan and Stray Kids.




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