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Written and Published on November 10, 2023, by kidzoot team

As a longtime NFL cornerback who played for teams like the Chargers, Jets, and Cardinals, Antonio Cromartie was known for his athleticism and playmaking ability on the field. However, he also gained attention over the years for fathering multiple children with different women. So the question remains – how many kids does Antonio Cromartie have total? Let’s break it down.

Yes, it’s true that Antonio Cromartie has fathered more children than the average person. The confirmed number of children he has is 14. That’s right, 14 kids with 8 different women as of this writing. Cromartie himself has acknowledged this number.
Some key details:
  • His oldest child is a son born in 2000 when Cromartie was just 16 years old himself.
  • In 2007, twins were born to his high school sweetheart.
  • In 2009, another set of twins were born while he was playing for the Chargers.
  • In 2010, twin boys were born to another woman while he was with the Jets.
  • In 2012, another son was born during his time with the Jets.
  • In 2013, twin girls were born to his wife at the time, Terricka Cromartie.
  • In 2017, twin girls were born to yet another woman after he had retired from the NFL.
So in total, that’s 14 children from 8 different relationships over a near 20 year span. Cromartie himself has never denied these reports and numbers. While an uncommon situation, he has shouldered the financial responsibility of supporting all his children.

To summarize – yes, the confirmed number of children NFL player Antonio Cromartie has fathered is 14. I hope this helpful blog post has given a clear, factual answer and context to the question of how many kids this football star currently has. Let me know if you need any other details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the confirmed total number of children NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie has fathered is 14 kids with 8 different women.

No, Antonio Cromartie’s 14 children were all born to 8 different mothers. He never had more than 2 kids with any single woman.

Antonio Cromartie’s oldest child is a son who was born in 2000. So he began fathering children very early, at the age of 16.

Kids were born to Antonio Cromartie in 2000, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2017. This spanned his entire NFL career from 2000-2017.

Yes, Antonio Cromartie himself has confirmed the number of 14 children when asked about it in interviews. He does not deny his large family size.

A Glimpse Into Antonio Cromartie's Busy Life With 14 Kids in 2023

As one of the most prolific NFL players when it comes to fatherhood, life after football has been focused for Antonio Cromartie on his massive family. With 14 children to care for across multiple states, each day presents new challenges and joys for the former cornerback. But after over two decades of fatherhood, Cromartie has developed an efficient system to be actively involved in all his kids’ lives.

Yes, even with 14 children, Cromartie makes it a priority to spend quality one-on-one time with each child every week. He has them rotate visiting him in Florida for weekends throughout the year. When they’re not with him physically, they have daily FaceTime calls and he stays plugged into their activities and schoolwork remotely.

In 2023, Cromartie’s oldest son is now 23 years old and has a child of his own. Cromartie enjoys his role as a grandfather and mentor to his eldest. His twins from 2007 are now 16 and starting to learn how to drive, which keeps Cromartie on his toes!

Many of Cromartie’s younger kids are now in middle school in 2023, and he attends as many of their sports games and school events as his schedule allows. Balancing all their schedules takes advanced planning, but Cromartie has it down to an art.

No, running a household with a dozen plus kids is not easy logistically or financially. But through various business ventures and investments since retiring, Cromartie has ensured he can provide well for his large family. He also relies heavily on the mothers of his children, maintaining positive co-parenting relationships across the board.

In summary – while the number of children former NFL star Antonio Cromartie fathers may seem unimaginable, he has settled nicely into fatherhood full-time in 2023. Through dedication and teamwork, he’s able to stay actively involved in each of his 14 kids’ lives on a regular basis. It’s a remarkable testament to his commitment as a dad.



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