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The Story about Hailey Bieber's parents, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin

Hailey Bieber, the famous model and wife of pop superstar Justin Bieber, comes from a celebrity family herself. Her parents are Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, and her uncle is the well-known actor Alec Baldwin. While Hailey took Justin’s last name when they married, she remains very close with her own family.

Stephen Baldwin is Hailey’s father. He is an actor himself, known for roles in films like The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome, and Threesome. Stephen and his brothers, including Alec, grew up in Massapequa, New York. He met Hailey’s mother, Kennya, in 1987 and they married in 1990. Hailey was born in 1996, and her older sister Alaia was born in 1993.

Kennya Baldwin, nee Deodato, is a graphic designer and the daughter of the famous Brazilian musician Eumir Deodato. She was born in Brazil but grew up in New York. Kennya and Stephen have said that their faith and spirituality are very important to them. They raised Hailey and her sister Alaia with strong Christian values.

While Hailey’s career as a model took off when she was still a teenager, her parents have said they tried to give her a normal upbringing. In an interview, Stephen said, “We’re pretty strict parents. We have certain moral standards in our home. Hailey knows that. She’s a good girl.” Kennya has also said that she is very proud of the woman Hailey has become, saying, “She’s very grounded and has a strong faith. She’s a good girl with a good heart.”
Hailey’s relationship with Justin moved very quickly, as they dated, broke up, and got back together all within a few months in 2018 before getting engaged and then married. Hailey has said that her parents were surprised at how fast everything happened, but that they supported her decision to marry Justin. According to Hailey, when she called them right after Justin proposed to ask if she was “crazy” for wanting to get married so quickly, their response was: “’Honestly, we think that this is meant to be for you and we know that this is what you want, so we trust you.’ And I was like, alright.”

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