How Many Kids Does NBA YoungBoy Have?​

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How Many Kids Does NBA YoungBoy Have?


NBA YoungBoy, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is a popular American rapper and songwriter. He gained significant attention in the music industry at a young age and has a large fan base. Along with his successful music career, NBA YoungBoy has also made headlines for his personal life, including his relationships and family. In this blog post, we will explore the topic of how many kids NBA YoungBoy has and delve into some related details.

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NBA YoungBoy's Children: A Growing Family

NBA YoungBoy has become a father at a relatively young age. Despite being in his early twenties, he has already welcomed several children into the world. Let’s take a closer look at the children NBA YoungBoy has fathered.

Kayden Gaulden Picture

1. Kayden Gaulden

One of NBA YoungBoy’s children is Kayden Gaulden. He was born on July 4, 2016, and is often seen in NBA YoungBoy’s social media posts and music videos. Kayden’s mother is Nia, who had a brief relationship with NBA YoungBoy.

Kamron Gaulden Picture

2. Kamron Gaulden

Kamron Gaulden is another child of NBA YoungBoy. He was born on November 26, 2016, and is also seen occasionally in his father’s social media updates. Kamron’s mother is Starr Dejanee, who has had an on-again, off-again relationship with NBA YoungBoy.

Taylin Gaulden

3. Taylin Gaulden

Taylin Gaulden, born on March 19, 2017, is NBA YoungBoy’s third child. Taylin’s mother is Nia, who is also the mother of Kayden Gaulden. Despite the challenges in their relationship, NBA YoungBoy has shown love and care for his daughter through his social media presence.

Kamiri Gaulden

4. Kamiri Gaulden

Kamiri Gaulden is NBA YoungBoy’s fourth child. Born on November 6, 2017, Kamiri’s mother is Jania Jackson. NBA YoungBoy and Jania had a tumultuous relationship that garnered significant attention from the media and fans. However, their focus has always been on providing a nurturing environment for their child.

5. Kentrell Jr.

NBA YoungBoy’s fifth child, Kentrell Jr., was born on February 13, 2019. The child’s mother is Drea Symone, who had a relationship with NBA YoungBoy. Kentrell Jr. has been a source of joy and inspiration for NBA YoungBoy, and he often shares his love for his son on social media.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden picture

6. Kacey Alexander Gaulden

Kacey Alexander Gaulden is NBA YoungBoy’s sixth child. He was born on November 20, 2019. Kacey’s mother is Nisha, who had a brief relationship with NBA YoungBoy. Despite the complexities of their personal lives, NBA YoungBoy strives to be a supportive and caring father to all his children.

Kamron Golden Gaulden

7. Kamron Golden Gaulden

Born on February 19, 2021, Kamron Golden Gaulden is NBA YoungBoy’s seventh child. The child’s mother is Drea Symone, who is also the mother of Kentrell Jr. NBA YoungBoy has expressed his love and dedication to his children consistently, emphasizing the importance of being a present and involved father.

Kodi Capri

8. Kodi Capri

Kodi Capri is NBA YoungBoy’s eighth child. She was born on June 21, 2021, and is the daughter of NBA YoungBoy and Drea Symone. NBA YoungBoy’s love for his children is evident through the emotional connections he shares with them on his social media platforms.

Armani Gaulden

9. Armani Gaulden

Armani Gaulden, the daughter of NBA YoungBoy, entered the world on June 19, 2020. She is a young and precious girl, just two years old as of 2022. Being born in the United States, Armani has garnered significant attention due to her father’s fame and success in the music industry.

10. Alice Nora

Alice Nora is the 10th child of NBA Youngkids.

11. Name (unknown)

No Information Found. It is reported that the girl age is now 6 months . No Photo has been found.

Frequently Asked Questions

NBA YoungBoy has a total of eight children.

The mothers of NBA YoungBoy’s children include Nia, Starr Dejanee, Jania Jackson, Drea Symone, and Nisha.

No, NBA YoungBoy does not have any twins among his children.

NBA YoungBoy acknowledges the importance of his role as a father and strives to maintain a balance between his career and spending time with his children. He often shares moments with his children on social media, showcasing his commitment to being an active and involved parent.

NBA YoungBoy has had varying degrees of relationships with the mothers of his children. Some relationships have been characterized by difficulties and public disputes, while others have been more amicable. Despite any challenges, NBA YoungBoy’s love for his children remains a priority.

As a successful rapper and songwriter, NBA YoungBoy is financially capable of supporting his children. While specific details about financial arrangements are not publicly disclosed, NBA YoungBoy is known to provide for his children and fulfill his responsibilities as a father.




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