Kid Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

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Kid Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

The new year 2024 is here, and with it comes new trends. When it comes to kids, fads seem to come and go at lightning speed. As parents, it can be hard to keep up with what the next big thing is going to be. That’s why I’ve put together this guide to the most popular kid trends you can expect to see in 2024!

Kids trends in 2024 will focus on celebrating small milestones, eco-friendly toys, blind box unboxing, subscription boxes, interactive tech, unplugged play, STEM, diversity, fantasy, and nostalgic throwbacks.

Outrageous Food Toys


These days, parents are celebrating their kids’ smallest achievements and dubbing them “inchstones.” While milestones like first steps and first words have always been a big deal, parents are now going all out for smaller accomplishments too. Pinterest reported upticks in searches for phrases like “my first tooth party” and “end of year school party ideas.”

The idea is to celebrate progress inch by inch, whether it’s potty training success or learning a new word. These mini celebrations validate children and make them feel pride in their learning. Expect to see more over-the-top inchstone parties in 2024!

Eco-Conscious Toys

Eco-Conscious Toys

Sustainability is top of mind for many parents today. There is growing concern about the environmental impact of plastic toy waste. As a result, we’ll see more toys made from eco-friendly or recycled materials.

Major toy companies are listening to consumer demands. Mattel has pledged to make 100% of its products and packaging sustainable by 2030. Hasbro plans to remove all plastic from its packaging by 2022.

Parents want to pass on environmental values to their kids through the toys they buy. Look for more toys made of plant-based plastics, bamboo, and other natural materials next year.

Blind Toy Unboxing

Blind Toy Unboxing

YouTube channels of kids excitedly unboxing mystery toys have become massively popular. Toy companies are capitalizing on this trend with new blind box toy lines that contain surprises.

LOL Surprise, Hatchimals, and numerous other toys now come in intricate, layered boxes or capsules. Kids unwrap layer after layer to finally discover the toy inside.

Opening the boxes and revealing the surprises provides suspense and excitement. Unboxing videos showing kids’ genuine reactions are a huge draw. Expect even more elaborate blind box toys to feed this trend in 2024.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

Toy rental subscription services allow parents to continually refresh their kids’ toy selection. Companies like Sparkbox, Lovevery, and KiwiCo send crates of toys, books, or activity kits on a monthly basis.

These services are appealing to parents because they provide variety and reduce toy clutter. Subscription boxes promote reuse and sustainability over constantly buying new disposable toys.

Their popularity has exploded recently. Sales of kids’ subscription boxes increased by over 3000% from 2013 to 2018. As environmental concerns grow, so will the subscription box trend.

Interactive Tech Toys
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Interactive Tech Toys

Technology that gets kids active and thinking is huge right now. Interactive smart toys allow kids to learn programming and coding skills through play.

Examples include robot building kits, learn-to-code apps and games, and programmable drones. Augmented reality that blends physical play with digital content is also trending up.

Osmo playsets incorporate iPads with real game pieces and art supplies for a blended experience. With concerns about too much screen time, products that creatively and educationally combine tech with traditional play will rise in popularity.

Unplugged Toys
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Unplugged Toys

On the flip side, many parents are emphasizing less screen time and more unplugged play. Simple, open-ended toys allow children to engage their limitless imaginations. Following the popularity of Pretend Play and Montessori-inspired toys, this trend toward creativity and hands-on fun will increase.

Toys that spark unstructured play – think Play-Doh, LEGOs, dolls and action figures – encourage kids to set their own goals and develop key life skills. Sales show parents shifting toward these classics over flashy electronic entertainment.

Educational STEM Toys
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Educational STEM Toys

As technology reshapes the workforce, parents want to prepare their kids with science, engineering, and math skills. The opportunity for STEM job growth in upcoming years is skyrocketing.

That’s why toys that teach critical thinking, problem-solving, and foundational STEM concepts will continue trending. From coding bots to chemistry sets, educational play encourages young minds and eases academic anxiety.

Look for more schools and parents to utilize STEM toys as learning tools in 2024 and beyond.

Diversity and Representation
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Diversity and Representation

Kids need to see themselves represented positively in media, including in the toys they play with. Thankfully toy brands are taking this seriously and showcasing more diversity.

Mattel added Barbies with vitiligo, alopecia, physical disabilities, and varying body types. LEGO features kids with hearing aids and wheelchairs in their sets. This shift toward inclusion and representation will keep gaining momentum.

Eco-Friendly Crafts

Eco-Friendly Crafts

Along with eco-friendly toys, parents and kids are turning toward more nature-based craft activities that reuse household materials.

Crafts made from recycled paper, fabric scraps, and found objects promote creativity without consuming new materials. Nature weaving, botanical printing, and DIY bird feeders are rising in popularity for family craft time.

As environmental consciousness increases, expect simple eco-crafts using materials found at home or in nature to trend up in 2024.

Fantasy-Inspired Toys

Dragons, fairies, mermaids, unicorns… fantasy characters and creatures never go out of style for young imaginations. With hit kids’ movies like Encanto and TV shows like The Dragon Prince, magical play is as popular as ever.

Fantastical figures and playsets featuring magic wands, forests, castles, and more will hit store shelves this coming year. Toys that spark imaginary adventures inspire kids’ creativity and storytelling. The fantasy trend shows no signs of slowing down

Licensed Brands

Parents know they have a surefire winner when they buy toys based on characters their kids already love.Licensed toys that tie into popular shows, movies, video games, books and more have always been big sellers.

In 2024, expect toys featuring fan-favorites like Bluey, Gabby’s Dollhouse, PAW Patrol, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, and plenty of classic Disney characters. As new media content comes out, so will the accompanying licensed toys.

Slime and Fidgets

Slime and Fidgets

Fidget spinners had their moment, but silly slime and stimming toys are still going strong. These addicting putties, liquids, and squishy gadgets provide fun sensory stimulation for kids.

Slime involves mixing and squishing, which aids fine motor skills and stress relief. Fidgets like Pop Its and liquid motion bubblers capture kids’ attention with lights, colors, and satisfying clicks and pops. Sensory play encourages focus and manual dexterity.

These engaging “toys” more akin to therapeutic tools will continue trending up in 2024. The DIY slime-making craze will also thrive with kits that let kids concoct their own.

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Battle Royale and Competition

From Fortnite to Ninja Kidz, competition is incredibly compelling to kids and teens. They love the excitement of battling opponents and taking down “bosses.”

Nerf gun battles and other competitive or cooperative play fights this thrill-seeking desire. Obstacle course race sets and variety game show toys pit players against each other for bragging rights.

Products that let kids compete while being active and using their strategic thinking will rise in popularity this year. Just don’t be surprised when rivalries erupt during family game nights!

Movie and TV Show Tie-Ins

Movie and TV Show Tie-Ins

When new animated films come out, related toys fly off shelves. Encanto, Turning Red, Lightyear and plenty more major kid movie releases are coming in 2024. You can bet toy companies will be capitalizing with fresh merchandise.

Popular streaming shows generate crazes for branded toys too. Season drops of Gabby’s Dollhouse, CoComelon, and other titles kids obsess over will bring new playsets and characters into stores. Media hype powers marketing, making tie-in toys irresistible.

These movie and show-related products will dominate wish lists. Keep an eye out for fresh franchise merch accompanying kid content releases this year.

Throwback Nostalgia for kids

Throwback Nostalgia

Millennial parents fondly remember the toys of their childhood like Polly Pocket, Mighty Max, and My Little Pony. Capitalizing on this nostalgia, toy brands are reinventing the classics in modern versions.

Fisher-Price recently relaunched Chatter Telephone, Corn Popper, and Rock-a-Stack to appeal to parents’ nostalgia. Hasbro and Mattel regularly revive 90s toys from Rainbow Brite to Creepy Crawlers. Old becomes new again.

In 2024, expect even more retro toy revivals trying to cash in on parents’ fond memories. These playthings remind grown-ups of their younger years while introducing their kids to iconic toys of the past.

Outrageous Food Toys

Outrageous Food Toys

Kids love any toys emulating their favorite food and beverage treats. Mini brands, fake play food sets, toy kitchens, and pretend restaurants inspire roleplay fun.

New outrageous toy foods will up the ante by mimicking ultra-satisfying viral edibles. From shimmering jelly cakes to faux fried cheese blobs, hyper-realistic fake foods will be major. Toy makers will also tap into beverage trends with mini soda shops and fancy coffee carts.

These larger-than-life playtime snacks drive up excitement and spark culinary creativity. Get ready for some wild innovation in the play food department this year.

That covers some of the biggest kid trends expected for 2024! It will be exciting to watch these predictions play out over the next year. No matter which fads come and go, one thing remains constant – toys that encourage imagination, education and just plain fun will never go out of style for kids.

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