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kids birthday places

Kids Birthday Party Places - Finding the Perfect Spot for an Unforgettable Celebration

Every parent wants to give their child an amazing birthday party that they’ll never forget. But between coming up with theme ideas, making guest lists, and planning activities, it can quickly become an overwhelming endeavor. That’s where kids birthday party places come in – convenient all-in-one venues that take care of the setup, entertainment, and cleanup so you can simply relax and enjoy your child’s big day.

With so many options out there though, how do you choose the right spot? In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top picks for kids birthday party places around the country, complete with ratings, age recommendations, and details on what kids of different ages and interests will love about each one.

#1 Jump Universe (Locations Nationwide)

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Perfect for: Ages 4-12, kids who love bouncing and physical activities

If your child is a ball of boundless energy, a Jump Universe party is likely to be a huge hit. These massive indoor trampoline parks are filled with wall-to-wall trampolines, dodge ball courts, climbing structures, and foam pits to leap into. Parties include jump time on the main floors as well as a private party room for gifts and cake.

What kids will like: The sheer thrills of soaring through the air, played-out games of trampoline dodge ball and basketball, and the physical exertion that will hopefully lead to well-deserved post-party crashes. Competitive older kids will love the challenges of the obstacle courses.

Top recommendation: The Xtreme Dodgeball package, which gives your group exclusive access to the dodge ball court for an epic, high-energy battle.

#2 Bamboozled Tea Room (Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia)

Rating: 4.8/5 stars

Perfect for: Ages 5-11, kids who love dressing up and role playing

For a whimsical, imagination-fueled experience, it’s hard to top a party at Bamboozled. These charming tea rooms are decked out with magical decor and staff who stay in character as “fairy reverers” to guide kids through a delightful high tea experience. The birthday kid even gets to wear an elaborate princess gown or knightly garb!

What kids will like: Donning fancy dress-up attire always delights the young ones, as does the interactive fairy mythology that the reverers weave throughout the party. The multi-course tea withchildrenwhimsical dishes like “ants on a log” and “pixie parfaits” gets rave reviews too.

Top recommendation: The Deluxe Party package with wand favors for guests to take home a piece of the magic.

#3 Makutu's Island (San Diego, CA)

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Perfect for: Ages 6-13, adventurous kids who love an island vibe

This sprawling indoor playground is designed to look and feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical island, complete with beach huts, rope bridges, and a massive multi-level play structure with tubes, slides, and climbing walls galore. Add in laser tag, mini bowling, and an arcade, and you’ve got a kid paradise.

What kids will like: The sheer sense of adventure and exploration that comes with navigating the huge play area, finding surprises around every corner. Laser tag and arcade games provide a nice change of pace from physical play.

Top recommendation: Go for the Works package to get unlimited laser tag in addition to play area access.

#4 The Chocolate Room (Brooklyn, NY and other cities)

Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Perfect for: Ages 6-12, kids with a sweet tooth and artistic side

For a decadent twist, consider having your child’s next party at The Chocolate Room. As the name implies, this party place is an immersive wonderland of all things chocolate. Kids get to play at being chocolatiers, decorating their own glamorous creations at a hands-on chocolate bar and fondue station.

What kids will like: Let’s be honest, kids go nuts over the freedom to craft and eat as many chocolate creations as they want at these parties! Arts and crafts fans also love molding their own chocolate figurines.

Top recommendation: The Deluxe Dipping Party with gourmet fondue, chocolate-themed games, and take-home favors.

#5 HighRev Indoor Kart Racing (Multiple locations)

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Perfect for: Ages 8-15, gearheads and racing fans

For kids who dream of professional race car driving, HighRev Indoor Kart Racing offers an adrenaline-packed party experience zipping around their indoor kart racing tracks. No need for a driver’s license here – kids as young as 8 can get behind the wheel of these ultra-safe, emission-free go-karts.

What kids will like: The need for speed is real! Kids light up at the chance to race wheel-to-wheel against their friends, compete for the fastest lap times, and embrace their inner race car driver persona.

Top recommendation: The Grand Prix package with extended racing time, a podium celebration, and themed food.

#6 Painting & Vino (Many locations nationwide)

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Perfect for: Ages 7-13, creative and artistic kids

Painting & Vino takes the intimidation out of the “paint and sip” concept by making it kid-friendly and fun. At these parties, an artist will guide kids step-by-step through recreating a featured painting while celebrating with lemonade and snacks.

What kids will like: The sense of pride and accomplishment in walking away with their very own masterpiece. The relaxed party vibe fosters creativity and self-expression.

Top recommendation: The Glow Party with blacklights and neon paints for a vibrant, energetic experience.

#7 Urban Air (Over 100 locations nationwide)

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Perfect for: Ages 5-13, high energy kids who want a variety of activities

Featuring massive indoor playground spaces with literally dozens of different attractions, Urban Air is a one-stop shop for kids who have a hard time sitting still. From wall-to-wall trampolines and dodge ball courts to warrior obstacle courses, urban rock climbing walls, tubes playgrounds, and even indoor go-kart tracks at some locations, there’s a little something for every interest.

What kids will like: The sheer variety means there’s no chance of getting bored, and kids get to burn off every last ounce of energy. Parents love being able to grab food and drinks too.

Top recommendation: The Ultimate package with a private party room and access to all attractions for max flexibility.

#8 iPlay America (Freehold, NJ)

Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Perfect for: All ages under 13 – this place has it all

It’s hard to know where to begin with iPlay America, because this truly massive indoor playground has so much to offer under one roof. From themed indoor mini golf courses and batting cages to a triple-decker laser tag arena, 4D motion simulator theater, spinning rides, classic arcade and more, it’s an all-you-can-play smorgasbord of entertainment.

What kids will like: Again, the pure variety is off the charts. Kids can literally spend all day going from one awesome attraction to the next without ever getting bored. The immersive theming and set pieces also spark their imagination.

Top recommendation: The Unlimited Gameplay package to have full access to everything.

#9 The DiscOasis (Buffalo Grove, IL)

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Perfect for: Ages 5-13, kids who love disco-themed dance parties

Bring a little retro, 70s disco fever to your kid’s next bash at The DiscOasis. This unique party place transforms into an immersive disco club for kids, complete with flashing lights, mirror balls, funky tunes, and even dress-up wig and costume stations. Trained “party motivators” lead games and dance-offs to keep the groove going.

What kids will like: The chance to dress up in costume and totally cut loose on the dance floor, showing off their best moves under the disco lights and leaving them exhausted by the night’s end.

Top recommendation: The Disco Blowout, where they get the full club lights-out experience.

By considering your child’s age, energy level, and interests, you can find the perfect kids birthday party place to make their day a truly unforgettable memory. With engaging staff, all-inclusive packages, and seemingly endless entertainment options, these spots take the work off your plate so you can just show up and celebrate. Now That’s a party every parent can appreciate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most kids birthday party places cater to a wide range of ages, typically from around 4 years old up to pre-teen/early teenage years (around 12-13 years old). However, some places may have different minimum age requirements or special areas tailored for different age groups. It’s always a good idea to check the venue’s policies and party package details to ensure they can properly accommodate the age of the kids attending.

Policies vary from place to place, but most kids birthday party venues offer at least basic food and drink options as part of their party packages. This could include pizza, hot dogs, juice boxes, cake, etc. Many places also have upgraded food packages available at an extra cost, such as making your own personal pizza, sundae bars, or even child-friendly food bars with fruits, veggies, and healthy snack options. You’ll want to clarify what’s included in the package you book.

It’s generally recommended to book well in advance, especially for popular party places and for parties during peak times like weekends. Many venues accept bookings 4-6 months in advance, though at busy times of year like summer and around holidays, you may need to book 6 months to a year out. Weekday parties can sometimes be scheduled with shorter notice of just a few weeks.

Most kids party places welcome and encourage adult participation and supervision. Policies vary, but often a certain number of adults are included for free or at a nominal charge per the party package. Additional adults may need to purchase a separate admission. Some venues even offer special “parent areas” with chairs, TVs, etc. for adults to relax while kids play.

When booking your party, be sure to make the venue aware of any food allergies or dietary restrictions well in advance. Reputable places should be able to easily accommodate common allergies to things like nuts, dairy, etc. and provide alternative food options. Clear communication about allergies and needs is key to ensure a safe and inclusive experience for all your party guests.



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