Whitney Rose Kids

whitney rose kids

Whitney Rose Kids

Whitney Rose Parenting Stars

Whitney Rose has shared many splendid moments with her two children, daughter Bobbi and son Brooks, over the course of filming The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. While the show focuses on the drama between the housewives, Whitney’s loving bond with her kids often steals the spotlight.

Whitney became a mother at a young age, welcoming daughter Bobbi when she was just 23 years old. She has said that becoming a mom was a life-changing experience and one of her greatest joys. Now 13, Bobbi is a teenager but still shares a close relationship with her mother. Fans have watched their heartwarming mother-daughter moments over the seasons, from helping each other get ready in the mornings to bonding over boys.

Whitney-Rose kids

Whitney gave birth to her son Brooks three years after Bobbi. At just 10 years old now, Brooks is the baby of the family but clearly has Whitney wrapped around his finger. She is often seen cheering the loudest for him at his football and baseball games. Whitney has said Brooks keeps her young at heart with his playful spirit and mischievous smile.

While parenting tweens and dealing with a marriage that has faced challenges, Whitney has remained devoted to putting her children’s needs and happiness first. She aims to show them unconditional love and support as they grow into young adults. Fans have watched Whitney’s kids lean on her for advice on navigating school, friends, and other pre-teen milestones.

Whitney shares snippets of her family life on Instagram, from beach vacations to holidays and everyday moments of laughter with Bobbi and Brooks. She has said watching her babies grow up so fast is both rewarding and bittersweet. Her kids continue to be her driving motivation in both her personal and professional life.
With two busy careers and a marriage, juggling it all hasn’t always been easy for Whitney. But her children’s smiles and hugs make any challenges worthwhile. Bobbi and Brooks clearly think the world of their strong, ambitious mother. Their loving bond shines through in every scene and keeps viewers rooting for Whitney each season of RHOSLC.

Challenges as a Mother

  1. Balancing her career ambitions with being fully present for her children. Juggling work commitments and spending quality time with her family has undoubtedly required sacrifice and compromise at times.
  2. Navigating a divorce and co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband. Ensuring her kids feel loved, supported and prioritized amidst changes in their family dynamic can’t have been easy.
  3. Caring for her children as a single mother for periods of time. Going it alone as both mother and father figure when needed increases the demands and pressures of parenting.
  4. Helping her kids adjust to her new relationship with husband Justin. Blending two families successfully takes sensitivity, communication and teamwork from all involved.
  5. Financially providing for three children as the primary caregiver. The responsibilities and stresses of being a single income household are not insignificant.
However, Whitney seems to tackle these challenges with grace, resilience and unwavering commitment to her kids’ wellbeing. She prioritizes open discussion, makes sure they feel heard and supported through changes, and consistently puts them first in her decision making. With patience, love and self-awareness, she’s overcome obstacles as a dedicated mother.

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