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Dick Butkus was one of the greatest linebackers to ever play in the NFL. He had an intimidating style of play and is considered the original template for the modern middle linebacker position. Off the field, Butkus was a devoted family man and father. He had three children along with his wife of 60 years, Helen – Richard “Ricky” Butkus Jr., Matt Butkus, and Nikki Butkus. Let’s take a look at the lives and accomplishments of each of Dick Butkus’ kids.
Ricky butkus

Richard "Ricky" Butkus Jr.

Ricky Butkus is the eldest son of Dick and Helen Butkus. He was born in 1965 in Chicago, Illinois. Unlike his legendary father, Ricky did not pursue a career in football. Instead, he became an Systems and equipment Engineer  and has worked  in over 50 movies and television shows. Some of his most notable roles include parts in Star Trek, National Treasure, Spider-Man, CSI: Miami, NCIS, Bones, and The Mentalist. He often plays supporting roles as police officers or security guards. Ricky is still actively working as an actor today at the age of 58. In his personal life, Ricky is married to actress Lisa Butkus and they have two children together named Jake and Emma. He remains close to his family and is especially proud of his father’s football legacy.

Matt Butkus

Matt Butkus

Born in 1969, Matt Butkus is Dick and Helen’s middle child. Unlike his brother Ricky, Matt did pursue the sport of football. He played as a defensive lineman for the USC Trojans football team in college. Matt was later drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 1993 but failed to make their final roster. He had a brief stint with the Los Angeles Raiders in 1994, appearing in just one game before retiring due to injuries. After his football career ended, Matt became a businessman and philanthropist. He runs the company Gridiron Enterprises which provides sports marketing and consulting. Matt also carries on his family’s tradition of giving back through various charitable organizations. In his personal life, Matt is married with three children.

Nikki Butkus

Nikki Butkus

Nikki Butkus is the youngest of Dick and Helen’s three children, born in 1972. As the only daughter, little information is publicly known about Nikki’s personal life and career compared to her brothers. It is believed she has lived a more private life out of the spotlight. What is certain is Nikki’s close bond with her famous father Dick and pride in his football legacy as one of the sport’s all-time greats. She is thought to currently reside in the Chicago area along with her family. Nikki helps carry on her parents’ legacy through their involvement with the Butkus Foundation, which promotes health and wellness initiatives for youth.

The Butkus Legacy

All three of Dick Butkus’ children seem to have lived successful, purposeful lives while also staying true to their family roots in Chicago. They each found their own paths whether in entertainment, business, or privacy while also honoring their father’s football accomplishments. Dick and Helen Butkus instilled strong values of hard work, philanthropy, and family that their children have carried on into adulthood. The legendary linebacker may be gone, but his impact on and love for his family continues through the lives of his kids who are proud to uphold the Butkus legacy.


1. What are the names of Dick Butkus’ children?

Dick Butkus had 3 children with his wife Helen – Richard “Ricky” Butkus Jr., Matt Butkus, and Nikki Butkus.

2. What did Ricky Butkus do for a career?

Ricky Butkus pursued a career in Engineering and has worked in over 50 movies and TV shows playing roles such as police officers and security guards.

3. Did Matt Butkus play football professionally?

Yes, Matt Butkus played college football as a defensive lineman for USC. He was later drafted by the San Diego Chargers but failed to make their final roster. He had a brief stint with the LA Raiders in 1994.

4. What is known about Nikki Butkus’ personal life?

Compared to her brothers, little public information is available about Nikki Butkus’ personal life and career, as she has lived a more private life out of the spotlight.

5. How do Dick Butkus’ kids honor his legacy?

All three of Dick Butkus’ children remain close to their family roots in Chicago and help honor their father’s legacy through involvement with the Butkus Foundation charity organization.




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