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How Many Kids Does Chris Brown Have? All You Need to Know

Chris Brown, the renowned R&B star, has captured the hearts of fans not only through his music but also through his role as a father. In a heartwarming picture, he recently shared a moment with his three children: daughter Royalty, 8, son Aeko Catori, 3, and daughter Lovely Symphani, 1. This snapshot of paternal bliss resonated with many fans, who couldn’t help but gush over the adorable trio. However, Chris Brown’s life is not just about his kids; he continues to make headlines for various reasons, some controversial and others celebratory. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Chris Brown’s fatherhood and his journey through parenthood.

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1. The Loving Father

At the heart of this story is Chris Brown, a doting father to three beautiful children. Despite his busy career and the challenges he has faced, Brown has always been vocal about his unending love for his kids. This genuine affection shines through in the way he co-parents them and cherishes their presence in his life.

2. The Children

2.1 Royalty Brown - The Eldest

Chris Brown’s eldest child, Royalty Brown, was born on May 27, 2014. As of 2023, she is 9 years old. Royalty’s mother is Nia Guzman, Chris Brown’s former partner. Although the couple is no longer together, they prioritize co-parenting and ensure Royalty’s health and safety are top priorities.

Royalty is known for her love of TikTok dance videos, swimming, arts and crafts, and games. She’s a vibrant young girl growing up with the support of her dedicated parents.

2.2 Aeko Catori Brown - The Son

Chris Brown and American model Ammika Harris are proud parents to Aeko Catori Brown, born on November 20, 2019. Despite the distance and Chris’s busy schedule, he goes above and beyond to connect with Aeko, who resides with his mother in Germany. FaceTiming, sending little gifts, and staying involved in Aeko’s life are just some of the ways Chris shows his love for his son.

2.3 Lovely Symphani Brown - The Youngest

Lovely Symphani Brown is the youngest member of the Brown family. Born on January 7, 2022, she is the result of Chris Brown’s relationship with model Diamond Brown. While the details of their relationship remain private, it’s clear that Lovely Symphani is a cherished addition to Chris’s life. The singer officially acknowledged his paternity four months after her birth.

3. Controversial Collaborations

In addition to his role as a father, Chris Brown has found himself in the midst of controversy due to his collaborations in the music industry. One such collaboration was “Freaky Friday” with Lil Dicky, which sparked discussions about race-swapping and Brown’s history of abuse. Despite the controversy, the collaboration opened doors for Lil Dicky, who praised Brown’s character.

Similarly, singer Chlöe faced backlash for collaborating with Chris Brown. She chose to focus on her music and remain undeterred by critics, emphasizing her freedom of choice.

4. Future Collaborations

Chris Brown’s collaboration journey continues, and he recently teased an upcoming project with Ciara. Fans eagerly anticipate this release, which could stir up conversations much like his previous collaborations. Now LAUNCHED 


In the spotlight for his music and collaborations, Chris Brown’s role as a father shines brightly. With three adorable children, he navigates parenthood with love and dedication. Despite controversies, his bond with his kids remains unbreakable.


1. How many children does Chris Brown have?

Chris Brown is the proud father of three children: Royalty, Aeko Catori, and Lovely Symphani.

2. Who is Chris Brown’s eldest child?

Royalty Brown, born on May 27, 2014, is Chris Brown’s eldest child.

3. Who is Lovely Symphani Brown’s mother?

Lovely Symphani Brown’s mother is model Diamond Brown.

4. What is Chris Brown’s latest collaboration?

Chris Brown has teased an upcoming collaboration with Ciara.

5. How does Chris Brown prioritize his children despite his busy schedule?

Despite the distance, Chris Brown remains connected with his children through regular communication, sending gifts, and being actively involved in their lives.




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