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How Many Kids Does Future Have? Unraveling the Atlanta Rapper's Family Tree

Written and Published on 26 September, 2023 By Kidzoot

In a recent interview with GQ, Future, the renowned Atlanta rapper, shed light on his unique perspective regarding expanding his family. He expressed his desire to have more children but exclusively with his future wife, believing it would make the experience even more special. Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox was the one who probed Future about his family plans, and his response was nothing short of intriguing.

“Yes, by my wife, if I ever get married, you know what I’m saying? I wanna have kids by my wife, of course. It could be like 3 because I’ve never had more than one kid by a girl. So if I had 2 by her, then it’s like more than I had. So I feel like it’ll be more special,” he claimed.

But before we delve into Future’s future family plans, let’s unravel the details about his current family situation. How many kids does Future have, and who are the mothers of his children?

The Count: Eight Kids, Eight Mothers

Future’s family tree is nothing short of diverse, with eight children from eight different women. Let’s break it down:

1. Jakobi – With Jessica Smith

Future’s first child, Jakobi, aged 21, was born to Jessica Smith.

2. Londyn – With India J

His second child, Londyn, now 15, is the offspring of his relationship with India J.

3. Prince – With Brittni Mealy

Prince, aged 11, is Future’s child with Brittni Mealy.

4. Future Zahir – With Ciara

Future Zahir, 9, was born to Future and the singer and his ex-fiancée, Ciara.

5. Hendrix – With Joie Chavis

Future’s fifth child, Hendrix, aged 4, was born to Joie Chavis.

6. Paris – With an Unknown Woman

Details about Paris’s mother are unknown.

7. Kash – With an Unknown Woman

Similarly, Kash’s mother remains unidentified.

8. Reign – With Eliza Reign

Reign - With Eliza Reign

1. Future and Eliza Backlash

Eliza Seraphin, an Instagram model known as Eliza Reign, gave birth to Future’s eighth child, a daughter named Reign, in April 2019. Their relationship was on and off between 2016 and 2018. Eliza announced her pregnancy in November 2018 and was adamant that Future was the child’s father.

In August 2019, Eliza exposed Future as a “deadbeat” father, leading to her filing a paternity suit against him, requesting child support and other medical expenses she had paid for during her pregnancy. Ultimately, DNA test results in May 2020 confirmed Future as the biological father of Eliza’s child.

The Rocky Relationship with Ciara

2. The Rocky Relationship with Ciara

Future and Ciara’s relationship has been tumultuous. The pair dated and got engaged in October 2013, welcoming their son, Future Zahir Wilburn, on May 19, 2014. However, their engagement came to an end just three months after their son’s birth due to allegations of Future’s infidelity during their relationship.

Their breakup led to legal battles, with Ciara filing a defamation lawsuit against Future, accusing him of spreading lies about her co-parenting skills on social media and in interviews. She also accused Future of making threats towards her then-boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Future filed a countersuit against Ciara, claiming that he couldn’t damage her reputation because her career was already declining, referring to her latest album as “a flop.” The $15 million defamation suit from Ciara was dropped in January 2017. She is now happily married to Russell Wilson, and they welcomed their daughter, Sienna Princess, on April 29, 2017.

Future and Joie Chavis kid

3. Joie Chavis: Co-Parenting Harmoniously

Future and Joie Chavis, despite not being together, maintain a strong co-parenting relationship, raising their son Hendrix harmoniously. Future even attended Joie’s baby shower for Hendrix and was present at the child’s first birthday celebration. The pair has vacationed together and share a mutual respect for each other’s role in their son’s life.

Future expressed his gratitude to Joie in a heartfelt Mother’s Day message, recognizing her as an incredible mom holding it down.

Jakobi Wilburn and future kid

4. Jakobi Wilburn: Forging His Own Path

Jakobi Wilburn, Future’s firstborn son, came into the world on June 30, 2002, in Atlanta, Georgia. Nicknamed King Kobi or Baby Pluto, Jakobi has followed in his father’s footsteps and ventured into the world of rap. His music career includes hits like “Outside,” “Pink Lemonade,” and “In Due Time.” Collaborating with artists such as Ken Car$on and Lil Cozy, Jakobi has made a name for himself in the music industry. He’s currently signed to the record label Freebandz.

However, growing up as the son of a famous rapper has not been without its challenges. In a candid interview with The Breakfast Club in 2019, Jakobi opened up about the pressure and expectations that come with being Future’s son, saying, “It’s hard being Future’s son. People always expect me to be like him, but I’m not. I’m my own person.” Jakobi’s honesty sheds light on the struggle to find one’s own identity under the shadow of a famous parent.

Jessica Smith and future kid

Jessica Smith: A Quiet Presence

Jessica Smith, Jakobi’s mother, has largely stayed out of the limelight, preferring a low-profile life away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. In 2016, she made headlines when she sued Future, alleging neglect and a lack of a loving relationship between father and son. Her legal action resulted in an increase in child support payments, highlighting one of the many challenges that come with co-parenting in the public eye.

Despite her avoidance of the spotlight, Jessica’s actions serve as a reminder of the complexities that can arise in co-parenting when fame and fortune are part of the equation. Her focus on her son’s well-being and future is a testament to the enduring love and care that parents, no matter their circumstances, have for their children.

Londyn Wilburn- India Jones and future kid

5. Londyn Wilburn: A Daughter's Love

Londyn Wilburn, born on March 20, 2009, is Future’s oldest daughter, with her mother, India Jones. While Future and India’s romantic relationship ended, they have maintained a cordial co-parenting arrangement. Future has often expressed his deep love for Londyn, and their bond remains strong. Despite the challenges of their past relationship, their shared commitment to their daughter is a testament to their dedication as parents.

Future-Joie-Chavis-and-Brittni-Mealy pic

6. Prince Wilburn: Navigating Turbulent Waters

Prince Wilburn, born on December 5, 2012, is the son of Future and Instagram model Brittni Mealy. His parents’ relationship has been tumultuous, marked by legal disputes over child support and custody issues. In 2016, Brittni filed a restraining order against Future, alleging threats against her life. Although Future denied these allegations and the restraining order was dismissed, their journey through co-parenting has not been without its challenges.

Prince’s story serves as a reminder of the complexities of co-parenting in the public eye and the importance of focusing on the well-being and happiness of the children involved.

In the world of Future’s children, we see a tapestry of love, struggle, and resilience. Their experiences remind us that fame and fortune don’t shield one from the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Through it all, they navigate their unique paths, shaping their identities and futures, just like any other children, guided by the love and support of their parents.

The Lori Harvey Connection with Future

The Lori Harvey Connection

Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of television personality Steve Harvey, has been romantically involved with Future since November 2019. However, the rumors of Lori’s pregnancy in April caused a stir among fans, though it was later clarified that the sonogram spotted in her Instagram story likely belonged to her sister, Morgan Hawthorne, who is currently pregnant.

Future's Current Relationship Status

Future's Current Relationship Status

Following his split from Lori Harvey, Future entered a relationship with Dess Dior, a female rapper. Their relationship has been under the spotlight, with occasional appearances together on social media and in public.

Despite his musical success, Future has faced criticism regarding his parenting skills, with some of his children’s mothers taking to social media to air their grievances. Future’s complex family dynamics continue to be a topic of interest in the media.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Future planning to have more children? Future expressed his desire to have more children but exclusively with his future wife, believing it would make the experience even more special. However, his current relationship status and future plans remain uncertain.

2. Who is Future’s first child? Future’s first child, Jakobi, was born to Jessica Smith.

3. How many children does Future have with Ciara? Future and Ciara share one child, Future Zahir Wilburn.

4. What is the status of Future’s relationship with Lori Harvey? Future and Lori Harvey ended their relationship, and Future has since been romantically linked with Dess Dior, a female rapper.

5. Are there any ongoing legal battles between Future and his children’s mothers? As of May 2020, DNA test results confirmed Future as the biological father of Eliza Reign’s child. The status of any other ongoing legal battles is not provided in the available information.


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