How many kids does Alexis Sky have ?

Alexis sky kids
Alexis Sky is an American model and social media personality who rose to fame after appearing on the reality television series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. One of the most discussed aspects of Alexis Sky’s personal life is her relationships and family dynamics. Specifically, many fans are curious to know how many children Alexis Sky has.

Based on publicly available information, it is known that Alexis Sky has one child – a daughter named Alaiya Grace McFarland. Alaiya was born on January 6, 2018 making her currently around 5 years old. Alexis Sky’s daughter’s father is American rapper Fetty Wap.

Fetty Wap and Alexis Sky dated from around 2016 to 2017. During their relationship, Alexis became pregnant with Fetty Wap’s child. In January 2018, Alexis gave birth to a baby girl who she named Alaiya Grace McFarland. At the time of Alaiya’s birth, Fetty Wap and Alexis Sky’s relationship had already ended.

Despite breaking up as a couple, Fetty Wap and Alexis Sky maintained a co-parenting relationship in order to raise their daughter Alaiya together. Both Fetty Wap and Alexis Sky are very active in their daughter’s life and often post about her on social media. From the posts and comments made by both parents, it’s clear they both love Alaiya very much, even though they are no longer together romantically.

While Alexis Sky only has one child currently, there was speculation early on that she may have had more children from other relationships prior to Alaiya. However, Alexis has never publicly stated or indicated that she has any other children besides Alaiya Grace McFarland.

Some of the speculation about Alexis Sky potentially having more kids stemmed from her tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship history prior to dating Fetty Wap. Alexis was in several short-term relationships in her late teens and early 20s, so some wondered if any unplanned pregnancies resulted.

However, Alexis has never mentioned or alluded to having any other children on her social media or in interviews. She is very open about co-parenting her daughter Alaiya with Fetty Wap, but does not reference any other kids. If Alexis did have other children from past relationships, it’s likely she would at least make some reference to them online or in the media.

Another source of speculation about Alexis Sky potentially having more kids comes from her on-again, off-again feud with fellow Love & Hip Hop star Masika Kalysha. Masika is the mother of one of Fetty Wap’s other children. During their public back-and-forths on social media, Masika has made vague insinuations about Alexis’ past and relationships. However, Masika has never directly or specifically claimed that Alexis has any children besides Alaiya.

It’s possible Masika was just trying to get under Alexis’ skin and stir up drama with cryptic comments rather than stating actual facts. Alexis herself has never acknowledged or responded to Masika’s vague jabs, further indicating she likely does not have any other children to disclose. If Masika or anyone else had concrete evidence of additional kids, they probably would have revealed it by now.

In summary, while the topic of Alexis Sky’s personal life and relationships tends to attract speculation, the reality seems to be that she only has one child – her 5-year-old daughter Alaiya Grace McFarland, whose father is rapper Fetty Wap. Alexis is very open about co-parenting Alaiya and frequently posts about her, but has never indicated having any other children from past relationships despite rumors. Unless Alexis herself states otherwise, the facts point to her being the mother of just one daughter at this point in time. Of course, Alexis is still relatively young at 29 years old, so her family planning journey may not be over. But based on available verifiable information to date, it appears Alexis Sky has one child.



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