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Lauren London's Early Life and Family

Lauren London was born on December 5, 1984 in Los Angeles, California to an African-American mother and an Ashkenazi Jewish father. After attending Palisades Charter High School into her second year, London was homeschooled. Her father, Rodney London, was a neighborhood mechanic and worked on cars. Her mother, Lisa London (née Caplan), was a tax accountant.

Lisa Caplan was born into an upper-middle class Jewish family in Los Angeles. She was the youngest of three children. Lisa’s parents were active in their local synagogue and she had a traditional Jewish upbringing. However, when Lisa went to college at UCLA, she began rebelling against her strict religious background. It was at college that Lisa met Rodney London, who came from a working-class African American family. Despite their differences in race and religion, Lisa and Rodney fell in love. This caused tension between Lisa and her parents, who did not approve of her dating someone who was not Jewish.

Once Lisa graduated from college, she married Rodney. Her parents did not attend the wedding as they still did not support their relationship. Soon after getting married, Lisa and Rodney had their first child, Lauren. Lisa’s relationship with her parents remained strained but she sent them pictures and updates on their new granddaughter. When Lauren was around 5 years old, Lisa decided to reconnect with her Jewish roots. She began taking Lauren to synagogue and teaching her about Jewish holidays and traditions. This helped mend the rift between Lisa and her parents somewhat.

Lauren's Early Childhood and Parents' Divorce

According to interviews with Lauren, she had a happy early childhood. Her parents both doted on their only child. Lauren has said her father Rodney was always working on cars in the garage while her mother Lisa was the disciplinarian of the family. Lauren remained close with her extended family on both sides.

However, when Lauren was 8 years old, her parents’ marriage began falling apart. There are conflicting reports on what caused Rodney and Lisa’s divorce. Some cite growing cultural tensions while others reference Rodney’s infidelity. Whatever the reasons, Lauren’s parents split up in a contentious divorce.

After the divorce, Lauren lived primarily with her mother Lisa. Her relationship with her father became strained after he moved out. Lauren has later said she felt abandoned by her father. However, she continued to visit her paternal grandparents and cousins. Her mother tried to shield Lauren from the ugly divorce process but she was still deeply affected.

Lauren's Relationship with Her Mother

Following her parents’ divorce, the bond between Lauren and her mother Lisa grew stronger. Lisa raised Lauren as a single mother in Los Angeles. In interviews, Lauren has praised her mother for her strength, values, and unconditional love.

Lisa worked hard to provide for Lauren, juggling her career as an accountant with parenting. She kept Lauren active in synagogue and Jewish cultural activities. Lauren has credited her mother with grounding her in her Jewish identity despite not having her father around.

According to Lauren, her mother was strict regarding school, grades, and boys. But she has said Lisa gave her an open perspective on life and encouraged Lauren’s creativity. Lauren showed artistic talent from a young age. Lisa supported these pursuits, signing Lauren up for acting and modeling classes.

As a single mother, Lisa faced many challenges raising a biracial child in Los Angeles. But Lauren has said her mother worked hard to make sure she felt accepted and confident in both sides of her identity. Lisa gave Lauren pride in her diverse background.

Estrangement from Her Father

In contrast to her close relationship with her mother, Lauren grew apart from her father Rodney after her parents divorced. By her teens, they were largely estranged.

Lauren has said she felt deserted when her father left and believed he chose his new girlfriend over her. They went years without contact during her adolescence. This caused Lauren emotional pain and she has publicly said his absence left a hole in her life.

Rodney made attempts to reconnect with Lauren during her high school years. For a period, they did meet up occasionally. Lauren hoped she could salvage a father-daughter bond, but ultimately felt too much damage had been done.

In more recent years, Lauren has spoken about coming to peace with her father’s shortcomings. She is raising her own children to know their grandfather despite their estrangement. Lauren has shared philosophical insights about letting go of resentment and disappointment over her father.

While still hardened by their broken relationship, Lauren chooses to remember the good times from early childhood with her father. She recognizes the complexities families face and that parents make mistakes too. Lauren hopes to break that cycle with her own kids.

Lauren London’s complicated family history undeniably shaped her. But rather than becoming bitter, she has embraced both sides of her identity. Her parents’ mistakes and triumphs alike made her the woman she is today. Both the struggles and loving support from her mother influenced Lauren’s growth. And her painful relationship with her father gave Lauren perspective and strength that permeates her life.




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