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Natalie Nunn's Upbringing With Her Parents

Reality TV star Natalie Nunn is known for her fiery personality and outspoken nature on shows like “Bad Girls Club.” But where does the 33-year-old get her sassy attitude from? A lot of it can be traced back to her upbringing with her parents.

Natalie’s mother, Karen Nunn, had Natalie when she was just 14 years old. Karen was determined to still finish high school and make a good life for herself and her daughter despite becoming a teen mom. She worked multiple jobs to provide for Natalie while finishing her education. This instilled a strong work ethic and sense of independence in Natalie from a young age.

Natalie’s father was not involved in her childhood. Her mother and maternal grandmother raised her. Growing up without a father made Natalie learn to be tough and self-reliant. In interviews, she has stated that not having a dad made her distrustful of men and gave her a short fuse when it comes to guys wronging her.

Though Karen Nunn worked hard, money was still tight when Natalie was a kid. They lived in a rough neighborhood in Oakland, California for most of Natalie’s childhood. Seeing violence and crime outside her doorstep made Natalie develop a thick skin and grit to survive. She learned to be strong-willed and stick up for herself in any situation.

Natalie is open about how the struggles of her youth shaped her into the outspoken, confrontational woman she is today. Her mother remains her role model, having shown Natalie it’s possible to overcome anything with determination. Though Natalie’s parents faced significant challenges, they instilled valuable traits in their daughter that have helped her succeed in life.

Details about Natalie Nunn's relationship with her mother, Karen, and grandmother:

  • Natalie has described her mother as her “rock” who worked extremely hard to provide for her. Karen had Natalie when she was only 14 but was determined to finish high school and build a life for them.

  • Karen worked multiple minimum wage jobs, often leaving Natalie with her grandmother as a child while she worked. Karen’s tireless work ethic showed Natalie the importance of independence and self-sufficiency from a young age.

  • Natalie credits her mother and grandmother for the confidence they instilled in her growing up. They taught her to love herself and not rely on anyone else for validation.

  • She remains very close with her mother and grandmother today. Natalie has bought her mother a house and car to thank her for her sacrifices as a young, single mom.

  • Karen has gushed about how proud she is of Natalie for overcoming their difficult circumstances and making a name for herself in reality television.

  • Natalie calls both her mother and “Nana” her biggest cheerleaders and supporters. She values their advice and guidance when making big career decisions.

  • While Natalie had a tumultuous relationship with her own father, she remains inspired by her mother choosing to raise her completely on her own without any male assistance.

Natalie Nunn's close relationship with her mother and grandmother has significantly influenced her career choices in the following ways:

  • Seeing her mother’s resilience and work ethic showed Natalie that women can be independent and provide for themselves. This inspired Natalie’s competitive, entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Her mother and grandmother instilled confidence in Natalie from a young age, encouraging her to embrace her talents and dreams. This gave Natalie the courage to pursue reality TV and leverage it to build a brand.

  • Growing up, her mother and grandmother stressed the importance of financial independence for women. This has motivated Natalie to be career-focused and build multiple income streams through reality shows, product lines, and endorsements.

  • Her mother and grandmother were her support system starting out in the entertainment industry, encouraging her to stay true to herself. Their advice gave Natalie the confidence to stand out on shows like “Bad Girls Club.”

  • Natalie watched her mother provide and care for their family independently. This showed her that women can be both strong caregivers and successful professionals – a balance Natalie works to maintain.

  • Her grandmother’s wisdom and guidance are still relied upon by Natalie when making business moves and personal decisions today.

  • Overall, the strong female role models in Natalie’s family inspired her ambition, outspokenness, and belief that women can accomplish anything they set their minds to.




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